The Pensmore Foundation has been pleased to sponsor a number of events on the intersection between science and faith.

The Westminster Conference on Science and Faith

Held annually in the greater Philadelphia area, the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith has addressed such topics as human origins and dignity and whether science and faith are friends or foes. Presenters have included Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe, philosopher and New Testament scholar Vern Poythress, St. Joseph’s College Professor of Science and Religion Denis Lamoureux, former Smithsonian Institution and National Institutes of Health evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg, and Jonathan Wells, as well as John Lennox, Stephen Meyer, Jay Richards.

DVD sets of past conferences may be ordered from the Westminster Bookstore:

The Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith

Hosted by Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia, this two-day event on the relationship between science and faith has featured Oxford University mathematics professor John Lennox, New York Times bestselling authors Stephen Meyer and Jay Richards, former Gonzaga University President Robert Spitzer, and molecular biologist Douglas Axe.