Energy Research Laboratory

at Hampden-Sydney College

Ground breaking for the new Energy Research Lab at Hampden-Sydney College, from the left: Dr. Dennis Stevens, Dean of the Faculty; Glenn Culley, VP for Business Affairs; Dr. Mike McDermott, Professor of Physics and Astronomy & Associate Dean of the Faculty; Dr. Stan Cheyne, Professor of Physics & Astronomy; Steven Huff, Chairman of the Pensmore Foundation; Dr. Paul Hemler, Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science.

With record-cold temperatures across the country in recent winters, increasing energy costs, and government restrictions on traditional energy sources, the need to find cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies for both homes and commercial buildings is helping to drive the evolution of building technologies. The Pensmore Foundation has partnered with Hampden-Sydney College (HSC) in southern Virginia to establish the Energy Research Laboratory (ERL), a freestanding building constructed of advanced materials and technologies, for the purpose of collaborative research in the area of sustainable and small carbon footprint buildings.

Students and faculty in the HSC departments of Physics & Astronomy and Mathematics & Computer Science will have an unusual opportunity to research energy monitoring, energy efficiency, and sustainable housing in this on-campus project funded by the Pensmore Foundation. Research will be focused on determining the amount of conventional energy, if any, required to create a comfortable indoor environment, such as one would find in a home or an office building.